Joseph Felizian Geissinger - Epitaphs from the Freiburg Cathedral (1770 - 1870)

'Europa' - Hans Erni (1953)

A print of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows with the Arma Christi.

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Jacobello Alberegno, Triptyque de’l Апокалипсис (1360-90)

Pablo Picasso (Spanish, 1881-1973), Dora Maar en forme d’oiseau, 1941. Graphite on paper, 31.2 x 23.8 cm.
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A song of love longing for my long lost ladyboy wife
Greuus ys my sorowe

Both evyne and moro!

"Unto my selffe a-lone

Thus do I make my mowne,         

That Unkyndnes haith kyllyd me,

And putt me to this peyne.

Alas I what Remedy?

That I cannot refreyne.               

Whan other me; doyth sleype,

Thene do I syght and weype j

AH^ Ragius in my bed,

As one for paynes neyre ded,      

That unkyndnes haue kyllyd me,

And putt me to this payne.

Alas! what remedy?

That I cannott refreyne.            

My harte, ytt haue no Reste,
but stylk -with peyn? oppreste ;
Ajad yett of alk my Smart,
Yit grevith moste my harte        
That unkyndnes shuld kylle me,
and putt me to this payne.
Alas! what Remedy ?    
That I cannott refreyne.            

Wo worth trust untrusty!

Wo worth love un-lovyd!

Wo worth hape un-blamyd!

Wo worth fautt un-namyd,         

Thus unkyndly to kyll me,

And putt me to this payne!

Now alas! "what Remedy ?

That I cannott refrayn.

The curve of summer
Cool in her hands
A glass snake
By the door
A toy filled with rain
A black and empty boot
Sounds the color of sounds
Good-bye blue and
Never-ever green

Flesh 5

, i woke up and felt dove- grey

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